Saturday, March 30, 2013

A/W Couture 2013 (#3)

With this look I looked back on history to the renaissance era, where after such dark and horrid times they emerged flaunting their battle scares because I believe that in order to develop as a person you must use your wounds not hide them.
Cape: Textured black wool with piping detail
Dress: lightweight plaid grey wool with draped sides and keyhole neckline.
Model: Micah Burris
Makeup: Jorge Alvarez

A/W Couture 2013 (#2)

I stand true to the saying that "fashion should look different from every angle". So with this look I played with the hard and soft elements by draping the back of the jacket and having a structured peplum.
Jacket: Dark green velvet with gold accents
Tuxedo pants
Model: Mylan Johnson
Makeup: Jorge Alvarez

A/W Couture 2013 Fashion show (#1)

With this look I channeled another side of my mind with the darker side of elegance, giving a futuristic twist on a timeless gown.
Liquid gold gown: one of a kind
Model: Sarah Isen
Makeup: Jorge Alvarez