About Me

I design for a woman who is built out of the fabrics of the future but the threads of the past. I want to design for the modern woman but inspired by great designers and art movements. This woman represents my design process and who I am as an artist. I find myself using many classical elements and historical references in my designs yet modernizing them in a way that speaks to present culture. Fashion is more to me than something that is washed and worn.  Fashion is art. The fabrics are my paint and the model is my canvas. It is the singular media that represents an entire era. Fashion is an industry that is ever changing and never ending. Designers are so restless that trends are changed every six months so the possibilities are endless. As an artist, one must be open to everything as inspiration. Collections can be inspired by anything and everything, from a city landscape to the molecular structure of an organism. Being a teenager, I am a sponge. I absorb everything that I study and everything that is around me and somehow, even unconsciously, I incorporate it into my art. This sponge like ability allows me to constantly be inspired by even the littlest of things.
           With my art I want to show my technical ability and also convey the idea of morphism through my clothes, not just physically, but also how clothes can change the way one feels emotionally. I love the way clothes can change the shape of the human body and create something new. I am also inspired by three main designers, Alexander McQueen, Charles James and Cristobal Balenciaga. These designers have combined so many elements to create a truly remarkable and iconic career. They have all pushed boundaries in different ways and have set new standards in technique and skill. These inspirations develop into my designs. Fashion for me is not about the glamour and the beauty, it is a part of it but the desire for me lies in the hard work and dedication. Because as Tadashi Shoji has said, “Everyone thinks the fashion business is so glamorous. It's completely the opposite.”

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